Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppy Proofing Your Home

You just brought your new puppy home and you are so excited to raise the little one! Nothing can go wrong…right? Hold your horses; I mean your pup until you puppy proof your home first!

There are many steps to puppy proofing your home, and we are here to walk you through just about every step!

Hide toxic items

Keep all cleaning chemicals up high, or in a protected cabinet. Make sure pills/medication are in safe containers and kept high, far away from the puppy. You also need to be aware of toxic plants such as lilies, daffodils and much more. Find out which plants need to be kept far away!

Take out the trash

Put all trash cans up high, or hidden in a cabinet. Sanitary products and razors could be hazardous if eaten. Purchasing a doggy-proof trashcan can also prevent the puppy from scavenging through the trash.

Fix broken furniture

Be careful of low and broken furniture, as a curious puppy could get their head stuck, cut or accidentally swallows a piece. You can purchase no chew spray to use on furniture and anything around the home you don’t want to be chewed up!

Cover electrical cords

Electrical cords look like fun toys to a pup. To avoid electrical shock, be aware of visible electrical cords your puppy can reach. We recommend tying the cords together and hiding them behind your furniture.

Get a fireplace screen

Fireplaces can be extremely dangerous for puppies. Not only is a lit fire dangerous, but the wood and ashes from the aftermath can be very harmful to a puppy’s health. Put up a fireplace screen to keep your nosy puppy from finding their way into it.

Put away clothing and shoes

Don’t leave your clothes or shoes out, as most puppies will think they are toys to chew on. You would really regret not cleaning up after yourself when the little one gets ahold of your brand new sneakers or sweater. Ingesting clothing can also cause blockage, which is never something you want to be rushing your puppy to the pet hospital for! Keep your laundry baskets hidden in the closet or up high where they can’t reach.

Shut food cabinets

If you keep your food in cabinets that a puppy can reach, consider using a baby proof lock or make sure to place them in cabinets above the counter. If your pantry has food on bottom shelves, it may be best to place them higher or make sure that the pantry door is kept shut when they puppy is around.

Screens on windows and doors

If you leave doors and windows open, check for any loose or broken screens. You wouldn’t want your puppy escaping or falling through. Block the windows and doors with a child gate to keep them from getting through.

Get cameras outside

Leaving a new puppy alone outdoors can be trouble if you don’t take the right precautions. If you have a yard with a fence and no poisonous plants are in reach, it’s probably safe for them to run around. To give you extra peace of mind, think about setting up security cameras if you are leaving the puppy outside alone. With Cammy Home Monitoring, you have live view, and clear night vision easily available through the Cammy smartphone app. 


Make a pet-friendly zone

Make a designated pet-friendly zone indoors/outdoors that is safe for a new puppy. Keeping an eye on your pup while you are gone is easier than you think. With Cammy Home Security indoor cameras you have the power to view live streaming, 2-way audio and tilt/zoom features from anywhere. You will never have to worry if the pup is getting into trouble!

Bringing a new puppy into your home is exciting, but getting prepared is essential. Learn more about Cammy home security and how it can help keep your new pup safe!
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