Real Life Burglars Are Nothing Like The Movies

Real Life Burglars Are Nothing Like The Movies

Burglars. They come in the dead of night, dressed in black from head to toe. Calm, confident, skillful. They pick the front door lock in seconds and quietly make their way into your home…

Oh Hollywood, you’ve fooled us once again!

Let’s look at real-life burglars vs how burglars are portrayed in the movies.

Movie burglar VS Real Burglar


Movie Myth #1 Burglars are professionals

Despite what you see in movies, real life burglars are anything but smooth criminals.

Statistics show that 88% of burglars listed the need to get drugs as the top reason for committing a crime.

Of those addicted to drugs, the majority are under the influence WHILE burgling a house. Forget lock-picks, these guys can barely operate a screwdriver!

Movie Myth #2 Burglars Plan Ahead

In the movies, you see cat burglars climbing the sides of a building to get their hands on a priceless artefact. Or you see a burglar abseil from the roof of a jewellery store.

Neither scenarios are common in real life. This is not Ocean’s Eleven.

Real life burglars do not plan ahead which means they do not have night vision googles, wire cutters and or abseiling gear with them.

A movie burglar plans ahead


A real life burglar does not…


Movie Myth #3 High security doesn’t deter burglars

Motion laser sensors? Vicious guard dogs? High Walls? Security cameras? Nothing is too difficult for the movie burglar.

However, in real life cameras and alarms are big deterrent to the vast majority of burglars.

According to a survey by the University of North Carolina, most burglars would never attempt to disable an alarm, and 40% say they would stop a burglary that was already in progress if they discovered an alarm..”

Prisons are not as fun as they appear in the movies either. Knowing the harsh realities, every burglar fears getting caught.

Here is how a movie burglar handles an alarm…

And a real life burglar?



Don’t believe everything you watch on TV.

When evaluating your home security, remember you’re dealing with irrational, drug crazed, desperate individuals – which makes real life burglars even more dangerous than movie burglars.

Real life burglars are not professionals, do not plan ahead and avoid security systems at all costs.

Of course there are exceptions, such as this burglar picking the wrong house or this burglar disregarding a home security camera.