School Holidays Ideas For Parents

School Holidays Ideas For Parents


School holidays can be a stressful time for parents with young kids. Here are some ideas to help you connect with the little ones!

Arts and Crafts


Great solution that doesn’t require much money and can be easily purchased from any craft store. You can buy some paddle pop sticks, googly eyes, glue, glitter and colourful stickers and create some characters to play with as puppets. You can easily find templates online to cut out or if you want to add a bit of learning to the exercise, encourage your child to draw them themselves. Create stories for the characters and put on a show!

Make Some Yummy Treats


Fire up the oven and bake some delicious cupcakes! You can find some unique cupcake moulds for a few dollars online. Your child will love feeling part of the process and you can decorate them together. The best part is, you get to eat them and share with the rest of the family

If baking in not really your forte, you can always substitute cupcakes for making unique shapes out of jelly. You can try mixing the colours and favours! The hardest part will be waiting for them to cool.

Run a Themed Movie Night


Grab some popcorn and a snuggle up on the sofa for a movie marathon! Get the family to dress up as their favourite character or superhero. You can have hours of fun improvising costumes and getting ready, even before the movie starts! A great way to spend a quiet night with the family.

Organise a Talent Show


Get the family together for a talent spectacular! Together you can sing, dance, perform magic tricks or show off acrobatic skills. You can even come up with an act that includes all of the above (if you do please post it in the comments!)

Run a Puzzle Night


Settle down for some challenging fun with a good old fashioned puzzle. Compete for a prize or pick one with a medium difficulty to work on together. Looking for more a challenge? Try assembling a 3D puzzle!

School holidays can be great for the whole family if you take some time to plan activities ahead of time and stay organised. Want to make your holidays more stress free? Check out our home security solution that lets you keep an eye on the kids by clicking here.