The Secret Life Of Pets Caught On Camera

The Secret Life Of Pets Caught On Camera

Let’s be honest, The Secret Life of Pets was hilarious, but a little unrealistic (after all, it is an animation). So that leaves us wondering…what really happens in the real secret life of pets?

Does Fido…

A) Chew up your shoes

B) Look for a snack in the fridge

C) Or stare out the window and ponder his existence?

No matter the answer, we can only guess what happens in the secret life of our pets…unless you’ve set up cameras to monitor your pet…

Here are the secret lives of pets, caught on camera:

Howling All by Myself

I might not be a dog whisperer, but it sounded to me like they were howling ‘All by myself‘ by Eric Carmen, waiting for their owners to come home.

Cat burglar

The secret life of this pet looks glamorous! Perhaps this cat is preparing for a fancy dress party?

I Do What I Want

This dog wasn’t allowed to get on the bed and he knew it. Check out how he brazenly defies his owners and puts on a show for his feline friend.

Hopefully these videos gave you some insight into the secret life of pets. Whether your pet spends most of their time lounging around the house or sneaking into your wardrobe or fridge, you can find out using a security camera system like Cammy to monitor your pet.