What Security Cameras Can Do For Your Newborn

What Security Cameras Can Do For Your Newborn

The delight of parenting is unsurpassed, but it does come with its fair share of nerve-wracking moments. Coming home with your little bundle of joy for the first time can fill new parents with a heady mixture of elation and anticipation. Nobody gave you the instruction manual and now you are on your own.

The temptation to stay with your newborn for every second of the day and night can be overwhelming, but you need time out and rest too if you are to be a healthy and happy parent to your new baby. This is where the baby monitor has traditionally taken centre stage, to offer peace of mind from a short distance away.

Now there is another new kid on the block that offers superior quality, connectivity and flexibility: the WiFi security camera system.

Here’s what it can do for you and your newborn.

Keep track of all your little ones

Most of today’s baby monitors allow parents to keep track of one or two cameras at the most. This is quite limiting, especially if you have had to leave your baby in the care of a sitter for a few hours.

That strong parental instinct will have you yearning to lay eyes on your baby however much you trust your babysitter and the chances are, they could be in any of multiple rooms, not just the nursery. Also, what if you have more than one or two kids?

A good quality Wi-Fi security system allows you to place cameras in every room and outdoor space around your home to give you complete coverage and peace of mind.

Multiple user access

Hang on, what if there are two keen parents wanting to keep an eye on baby? Both of you being able to view on your smartphones at the same time is a big advantage for you and your little one and will stop any squabbles over the monitoring device in their tracks.

Check in from absolutely anywhere

One of the biggest advantages that a Wi-Fi security camera can offer is the ability to check in from absolutely anywhere.

Of course, someone always has to be home with a newborn, but whether you are at work, trying to get the groceries or even out for a much-needed date night, you can check in with the babysitter, have a two-way conversation and see that everything is still absolutely fine no matter how far away you are.

Don’t miss a thing

No more grainy old images that don’t give a clear view of your children. The whole point of baby monitoring technology is to make sure they are fine when you aren’t right by their side. If you can’t tell from the images, then the system is pretty much useless and of little comfort to parents.

High-quality cameras like those from Cammy capture each moment with clarity. With the ability to zoom and tilt from your mobile device and the night-vision mode, you get the best possible visuals as well as audio to keep your mind at ease.

Hush, little baby…

So, you finally made it to date night!

You haven’t wanted to do anything but care for your newborn for weeks, but the time has come to try for some well-deserved respite. Besides, there is usually at least one relative who is desperate to babysit. You drag your sleepy selves to the pizzeria down the road, just as far as you can bear to be away and an hour in, your sitter calls to say the baby just won’t settle.

Before you dash home and take over, you can check in and soothe your newborn baby back to sleep with a lullaby via the two-way audio, maybe you’ll even manage to stay out long enough for a hasty ice cream.