4 Shocking Facebook Burglaries

4 Shocking Facebook Burglaries

While it’s natural to want to share your holiday with your inner circle on Facebook, it’s best to refrain from doing so as there’s one group of people who couldn’t be happier that you’re away from home…

In a recent survey conducted in the UK, it was found that more than 78 percent of burglars are now using social media to find targets.

If that statistic doesn’t scare you from using Facebook to check into the Bahamas and posting that video of you skydiving in New Zealand, these 4 shocking Facebook burglaries will:

1. Facebook burglary gang

In a small town in New Hampshire USA, Police discovered a robbery ring using Facebook to plan their heists. This Facebook burglary gang performed more than 50 home burglaries after browsing Facebook pages to determine when a target would be away from home.

The lesson here is to make sure you don’t post any personal information online and avoid posting your whereabouts on Facebook and other social media. Read more on how burglars use social media to find targets.

2. Friday night Facebook post gone wrong



One Friday night, a woman was burgled shortly after she posted on Facebook saying that she was off to see one of her favourite bands.

To find out when the woman would be away from home, the burglar simply called the venue to ask when the show started.

The burglar showed up 35 minutes after she left for the concert and stole $11,000 of personal property. But thanks to the security cameras that were installed in the victim’s home, she had footage of the burglar which the Police then used to catch the perpetrator.

3. Cold hard cash



One Thursday afternoon a 17 year old girl was helping her grandmother count her personal savings in her home. The girl then took a photo of all the cash and decided to post it on her Facebook page.

By 11.30pm that evening, two men armed with knives broke into the grandmother’s home demanding the cash they had seen on Facebook. The grandmother told the burglars that the cash was all gone but they searched the house anyway and stole smaller amounts of cash and other personal items.

The lesson here is to never flash your valuables on Facebook and other social media.

4. Family holiday ruined because of Facebook post

Like so many others, this family wanted to share the excitement of their holiday with others so they took to Facebook and posted about their arrival at their hotel. But their excitement soon turned to anger when they found out they were burgled.

Moments after the online post, the family’s daughter received a message from one of her Facebook friends asking how long they’d be away for.

Little did the family know that while they were away enjoying their holiday, the daughter’s Facebook friend was hatching a plan to rob the family’s empty home.

The family had no idea what had happened in their home until a Police officer called them to let them know that they had just caught three people robbing their home.

The family noted that they will no longer post online about their holidays until after they’re return home.

In a lot of these Facebook burglary stories, the families and individuals were lucky and the burglars were caught. However, many burglars have gotten away with thousands of dollars worth of belongings so if you’re going away this holiday, make sure you have all your bases covered with our home security checklist and security cameras.