How to Stay Safe When Walking Alone

How to Stay Safe When Walking Alone

Have you ever had the feeling someone is following you? Perhaps you’re returning late and you see the same person behind you from a few blocks away. Don’t panic! Here is how you can stay safe when walking alone:

Don’t use headphones


There’s nothing like music to speed up the walk. Although tempting, you’re actually cutting off one of your senses by wearing headphones. Your ears are important for sensing danger. They can alert you to approaching footsteps, loud noises and cars.

Not to mention that a thief could pick you as a potential target because they know the headphones are likely connected to an iPhone.

Download an Emergency App


There are many free and paid services to help alert others if you’re ever in danger. When the emergency button is pressed, the app uses your location and shares it with your nominated contacts. That way you can quickly alert your loved ones you’re in need of help without having to call.

Some of the best on the market include bSafe, iGoSafety and WatchOverMe.

Wear running shoes


If you’re planning to walk home late at night, it helps to be prepared. The best way to win a fight is to avoid it! Taking an extra pair or running shoes with you could mean the difference between you getting away and being caught. For women, there’s nothing worse than trying to run in high heels.

Remember, if you think you’re in danger, don’t hesitate to run. If you’re wrong, that’s ok. If you wait too long you could find yourself having to confront the aggressor.

Find a safe haven


If you feel like someone is following you, it’s not always the best idea to run home! This could mean you need to pass a dark street and you would be leading the aggressor right to your home. Try to find an open store, security guard or petrol station.

From there you can call someone at home, wait out the danger or even call the police. Shopkeepers and security guards are trained for situations like this and will be able to help.

Take self defence classes


Even though fighting should be a last resort option, it always helps to be prepared. Some classes (such as Krav Maga) focus on teaching people how to disable an opponent quickly to maximise your chances of getting away.

Consider taking a few classes just in case. Take a friend along for fun! You don’t have to be a great fighter but knowing the basics will help you out of a sticky situation.

Walking alone can be scary but it shouldn’t prevent you from leaving the house. Remember there is always someone available to help. Keep your eyes focused, stay alert and don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it.

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