How My Stolen Security Camera Helped Track Down A Thief

How My Stolen Security Camera Helped Track Down A Thief

Cammy is a great way to secure your home and valuables, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a real life story from Mr White, a Cammy customer who has been with us since June 2016.

I woke up early that morning, about 4:30am to catch a flight for work. I was half asleep when I saw the Cammy alert on my phone but as soon as I saw the footage, I was immediately awake.

I was shocked. The footage showed a strange man wandering around my home. I tried to remain calm as I began searching around my house to see what had been stolen, but it seemed as though nothing had been taken. I was relieved at first, but then I became worried that maybe he might come back.

On my way to the airport, I went to the Police Station to show them the footage my Cammy camera had caught. They were surprised at how good the footage was. They were able to get a really clear image of the man so they knew exactly what he looked like.

It was only later that morning when I realised that the intruder actually did steal something – my Cammy security camera. While I was at the airport waiting for my flight I tried to check my live view on the Cammy app, but it wasn’t working for some reason.

I called up my wife and she had the same problem. She went to check if something was wrong with the camera, but it was gone. The thief had taken it.

Now I was really worried that the thief would come back since he had stolen my security camera and there would be nothing to catch him in the act.

In the meantime to help track this guy down, I decided to upload the man’s image on a local crime alert Facebook page. Within three days I had already gotten a lot of response from the image and two people even claimed that they knew the name of the intruder. I gave the Police his name and then I just had to wait and see what would happen.

Then the strangest thing happened…

I was out of town for work when my wife heard a knock at the door. When she opened the door lo and behold it was the thief! He apologised to my wife and handed back the stolen Cammy camera before leaving my property.

I’m unsure of what his intentions were showing up at my house again. Maybe he felt some remorse or maybe he hoped that we wouldn’t press charges against him since he returned the camera? I’m really not sure what he was thinking, but the whole thing really scared my wife.

As soon as the man left, my wife called the Police. The Police came over to my house and dusted it for fingerprints, but they weren’t able to find anything on it. But thanks to the clear images that Cammy captured and social media for identifying the thief, the Police now have a chance of catching this guy. I still can’t believe my stolen security camera helped track down the thief!

Cammy has been great about the whole situation, I provided them with the Police report and the footage of the man in my house and they sent me a replacement camera for the one that was stolen.

My wife and I are very thankful for Cammy, I travel a lot for work and my wife works early mornings so a lot of the time no one is home. So Cammy gives us peace of mind and allows us to know what’s going on at our home when we aren’t there.

I would definitely recommend Cammy to others, the quality of the security cameras are great and the images are crystal clear. It monitors your home and sends alerts straight to your phone if there is an intruder detected at your house. So thanks, Cammy!

-Mr White

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