Top 5 Most Stupid Burglars In The World

Top 5 Most Stupid Burglars In The World

If you’ve experienced a burglary, you’d know firsthand that they’re no joke. But occasionally, when dimwitted, stupid burglars are arrested and brought to justice, it’s hard not to laugh at their idiocy.

Here are the top 6 most stupid burglars in the world:

5. Drinking on the job?

Watch as this stupid burglar tries to rob a liquor store. He falls and fails not once, not twice, not thrice….I lost count. Perhaps he was drinking on the job?

4. First, let me take a selfie

This stupid burglar had stolen various electrical items, jewellery and an Audi A4 worth £27,000…before he snapped a selfie on the stolen SIM card and accidentally sent it the victim’s colleagues on Whatsapp. Safe to say he was identified and arrested shortly after that!

3. Goldilocks Burglar

Lukasz Chojnowski doesn’t look like your average stupid burglar, in fact he’s more like Goldilocks.

After breaking into a in Lancashire home, he did the dishes, tidied up the house, bought some groceries and even washed his own underwear.

He was found sleeping when the owners returned home from their holiday, “it was a bit like [Goldilocks] and the Three Bears,” said one of the owners. Make sure your home is secure before you go on holidays with our holiday home security checklist.

2. You can’t arrest me during the day!


22 year old James Blankenship broke into his mother’s house through a first floor window before being discovered and fleeing the scene.

When caught, Blankenship told the Police “I thought you could only be arrested for burglary at night”…classic stupid burglar.

1. Masked in Marker

These stupid burglars definitely aren’t masters of disguise. The two men were seen trying to break into an apartment in Iowa with fake beards and masks scrawled on with marker.

Little did they know, the marker they used was permanent and that they’d soon earn the nicknames “dumb and dumber”.

While these burglars were defeated by their own stupidity, it didn’t stop them from getting into the homes of their victims. Make sure to secure your home against all kinds of burglars with a state of the art home security system such as Cammy.