Surveillance Camera Outs Canadian Election Candidate

Surveillance Camera Outs Canadian Election Candidate

If you already have a surveillance camera in your home, you probably installed it for a good reason. Cameras in your home can allow you to monitor and even communicate with kids, babysitters and pets. They can also provide police with information necessary to identify burglars, but you probably didn’t install your camera to monitor who is using your kitchenware as a toilet.

In what we could term a mini-Watergate in Canadian politics, a Toronto businessman who had been running for Parliament as a member of the Conservative Party made the wrong kind of splash. Jerry Bance was filmed during an episode of CBC-TV’s investigative series Marketplace. He is seen emptying his bladder into a coffee mug before tipping its contents down the sink he was there to fix.

The footage was part of a 2012 episode of CBC’s investigative show Marketplace. CBC News received a tip in the first week of September that the service technician in that footage was Jerry Bance, Conservative candidate for the Toronto-area riding of Scarborough–Rouge Park for the October 19th election. Bance had also run as a Conservative in 2006 and 2008.

CBC News Report

A service technician for the last 25 years, Bance had been called to the home as part of a sting operation to catch and confront repairmen overcharging homeowners for simple repairs to home appliances. Hidden cameras captured the incident, which occurred while a Marketplace producer posing as a homeowner was in the next room.

Memes flooded other social media trending with the hashtag #peegate on twitter, and within a few hours the internet buzzed with disparaging jokes, comments and bad puns targeting Bance and the Conservative Party.

Bance was immediately dropped from the Conservative Party. He said in a statement he “deeply regrets” the incident and it doesn’t reflect who he is as person or professional.

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Not to be denied a shot at the Conservatives, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair took full advantage of the media attention suggesting “this must be someone who’s adept at Stephen Harper’s trickle-down theory of economics.”, and correctly postulating that “…this was one mugshot that Canadians weren’t expecting from the Conservatives”.

Every now and then, something you didn’t expect to see gets caught on camera. It happens more and more these days and while it may not be the next #peegate, it could be something worth sharing. It could even go viral!