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The Homes Have Eyes: Every Burglar’s Worst Nightmare

Coming to a home near you this Halloween...The Homes Have Eyes: Every Burglar's Worst Nightmare.

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Cammy Customer Review: Mr Jones

Cammy is a great way to secure your home and monitor what matters to you from anywhere, anytime...but don't just…

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How Burglars Use Social Media To Find Targets

In the past, burglars used obituaries to find out when families would be out of their homes at a funeral.…

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Best Outdoor Security Lights

Burglars love the cover of darkness...so 'let there be light' in the dark areas of your home to deter burglars…

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Inside the mind of a burglar

Do you remember being told "practice makes perfect" as a young child? Well, the bad news is that most burglars…

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Top 5 Most Stupid Burglars In The World

If you've experienced a burglary, you'd know firsthand that they're no joke. But occasionally, when dimwitted, stupid burglars are arrested…

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Open Letter Of Forgiveness To Coffee Shop Burglar

The entire contents of the cash drawer - over $3000 - was stolen in late August from Cocoa Grinder in…

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The Burglar’s Most Wanted Valuables

Most people think burglars break in and grab anything of value they find before running out the door. Statistics indicate…

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