Home Automation

7 Unique Kickstarter Home Security Inventions

When it comes to new products, Kickstarter is the go to funding solution for inventors. Take a look at these…

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Top 11 Home Improvement Gadgets

Have you ever lost your keys? Waited too long for hot water in the shower? Cleaned up stains on the…

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Technology in Homes of the Future

It’s pretty amazing to see some of the futuristic homes like those in future or sci-fi movies, but for most…

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Interesting Podcasts For Homeowners

Whether prompted by passion, budget or just finding something to do at home, "Do It Yourself" (DIY) is increasingly popular…

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5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

The idea of the smart home might have been envisioned and pioneered by Bill Gates, but nowadays, you don’t have…

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