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Cammy Feature Highlight: Person Detected Alerts

In today's Cammy Feature Highlight, we turn the spotlight on our Person Detected Alerts feature and explain how it solves…

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Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids

According to an experiment conducted by Dragon Box, kids were able to absorb 28 hours of algebra in 5 days…

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Internet Safety Tips for Kids

The internet is full of knowledge and educational content which can help your child develop and learn. However, some easily…

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Top 3 Safest Sports For Children

Keeping your child physically active is a great way to burn off energy, train their muscles and increase self esteem.…

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11 Hilarious Kid Quotes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry

Kids say the darndest things... Having a rough week? Not to worry! These hilarious quotes will brighten up your day!

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What Security Cameras Can Do For Your Newborn

The delight of parenting is unsurpassed, but it does come with its fair share of nerve-wracking moments. Coming home with…

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9 Things About Kids Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know

Kids of all ages hide one thing or the other from their parents. Sometimes it’s fairly innocent, other times maybe…

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School Holidays Ideas For Parents

School holidays can be a stressful time for parents with young kids. Here are some ideas to help you connect…

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