TECHview QC-3831

TECHview QC-3831


The TECHview QC-3831 is a low cost indoor dome camera featured with night vision.

If you are looking for a camera to install on the roof that is not visually obstructing, you may like to look for a dome camera such as The QC-3831. This camera is a lower end camera with all the essentials such as infrared vision and wifi connectivity, making it an entry level ip camera for purposes such as small shops where a camera such as this could hide away at the corner of the roof.

This camera’s image quality however, seems a little poor as the image looks a little “cloudy”, with the colours looking a little dull, with the maximum image quality of 640 x 480.

This camera is overall functional with features that you would expect from a low price range ip camera, however the quality of this camera overall seems rather low.

Price Range



  • Easy Setup with Cammy
  • Has Night vision
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Dome body
  • Works with Cammy Home Alarm


  • Not the sharpest images
  • Not HD

Our verdict

The TECHview QC-3831 is functional and economical, but may possibly suffer from inferior image qualities.


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