The 8 Worst Neighbours

The 8 Worst Neighbours

Most people have dealt with annoying neighbors at one point or another, but these astonishingly terrible ones might just make even your most irritating relative seem like enjoyable company.

8. The Stinkiest Neighbour


Paula Bolli dumped 40 cubic yards of fresh horse poop in her yard just to get even with her neighbors. The neighbours had known she was a problem for 25 years but still didn’t expect 2 dump trucks of fresh horse manure to be emptied on Paula’s own lawn. Apparently it wasn’t illegal to use horsey doo doo as sod. What was she getting even for? According to the other neighbours, the mountain of manure move literally came out of nowhere, unlike the army of rats that quickly showed up to feast on it.

7. The Racetrack Neighbour



A lot of lottery winners can see that some lifestyle changes would be for the better, but some just splurge on the existing lifestyle and for example, build a race track in the backyard. Michael Carroll was a 20-year-old convicted criminal who won 15 million. He invested in a Norfolk estate and promptly converted his upscale new property into a 24-hour demolition derby track. The noise and dust… oh the noise and dust. Police were called 11 times in three months, but he simply wasn’t breaking any laws by turning his property into a race track.

6. The Arsonist


Marty Corbitt didn’t cut his lawn. It was just growing too long and Phillip Roger Bennett had no patience for this. After an argument over Marty’s lawn care strategy, or lack of, Phillip dropped by, kicked down the door, emptied 2 gas cans inside the house and torched it as Marty scooped up his daughter and ran out, only to watch the house and everything in it burn to a crisp.

5. Framing The Neighbour For Murder


When Stefan and Lucy Ward moved in next door to biker David Constantine in Lanchester, they had no idea how crazy life was about to get. For the next two years, David launched a campaign of harassment and terror against the Wards culminating in his stabbing himself in the chest to frame Stefan for murder. Fortunate for Stefan and Lucy, David’s story was easily unraveled when police found his hate notes about them- and his collection of knives.

4. Stop The Noise


An elderly woman, trapped in her bathroom for 20 days due to a stuck lock, would tap on the pipes and bang on the walls. Her neighbours thought it was DIY home renovation work and eventually filed a petition to have it stopped! Luckily a few people realised they hadn’t seen the 69-year old woman in a while and a rescue team was sent in.

3. He Hired A Hitman


Jeffrey Wright Leonard was angered over a long-standing dispute with his neighbours stemming from a parking issue. After throwing dog poop in their yard and shining floodlights into their house, he tried to run them off the road. When that didn’t work he chose to hire a hitman to kill them by running them off the road. Fortunately instead of finishing the job, the hitman went to the authorities.

2. Cyberstalking Neighbour


On their first day in their new neighborhood, the Kostolnik’s four-year-old son wandered into the neighbour Ardolf’s yard. While he was returning the child to his parents, he kissed the boy on the lips. The Kostolniks were alarmed and informed the police. Ardolf was so enraged about this that he spent the next several months repeatedly hacking into his neighbors’ Wi-Fi and, as police later found, trying to ruin their careers and personal relationships by sending threatening emails to politicians, including Vice President Joe Biden. Ardolf was sentenced to 18 years in prison after the Secret Service obtained a search warrant and found evidence in his home to prove he had been cyber stalking the Kostolniks.

1. The Giant Middle Finger Neighbour 


David Muscat used a chainsaw to construct a 4-foot wooden sculpture of a raised middle finger after his neighbours had complained to city council about him for removing trees from his yard. After a few unpleasant run-ins including head-butting one neighbour, David became known as the “neighbour from hell”. The sculpture on David’s front lawn stands nearly four feet tall and was built using a chainsaw. Ironically, it faces his own house.

After reading about those, you might feel grateful for your neighbours! Or have you had a neighbour from hell too? Does it smell because they never take out the trash? Do they sneak around in the dark or make so much noise you couldn’t even hear yourself think anymore? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!