9 Things About Kids Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know

9 Things About Kids Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know

Kids of all ages hide one thing or the other from their parents. Sometimes it’s fairly innocent, other times maybe not, but most of the time unbeknownst to the kids, the parents are well aware of the hiding, lies or misdirection involved when there’s something they don’t want you to know.

Sometimes they don’t want you to know things they’re ashamed of and sometimes they hide things they shouldn’t be playing with or viewing.

Here are 9 things they really don’t want you to know.

They didn’t make it to the toilet on time



Or in the case of toddlers, they don’t want you to know they’re pooping. My 2-year-old is always happy and sociable until he’s in a corner with angry eyebrows responding “no” to any attention = pooping. Wondering how your kid went through 20 pairs of underwear in a week? Check for stained bedsheets – kids are often too embarrassed or scared to tell us when they have wet their pants.

They Know How to Hide Their Computer Habits



Let’s put it this way, there are apps for our mobile devices with icons that look like calculators which are actually disguised photo storage – often with a passcode or secret swipe to get in. They know how to delete their internet history, use private browsing etc. They usually picked up the tricks from friends or acquaintances whom they’d rather you don’t know about.

That they are watching kissing video’s on YouTube



My well behaved 8-year-old daughter does this and it’s always obvious because she’s semi sort-of-kinda hiding behind the open closet door in the dark, with the iPad and volume all the way down. I told her I know about it, and it’s ok to watch those videos but not so good to hide it and try to lie about it. She finally gave a single nod of the head to show she understood but didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

They Eat Better for Friends Parents



They sure don’t do it when eating at home. They are less picky when eating at their friend’s house when the friends parents prepared the meal, but if you knew that you’d use it against them when they are too picky at your own dinner table!

They Have Homework



If they want to be doing something else, kids will often say they don’t have any homework, even though they do. The way that you ask them about it can have a lot to do with the reply. I find “Do you have any homework today” makes it easy for them to say “no” and continue doing what they are enjoying, while (at least with younger kids) phrasing the question to imply you know they have homework, and so that it requires more than a one word answer helps. Try “How much more homework do you have left? Is it Math, Language, Science?” or “Let’s finish your homework together, I’ll help you if you need it” can get around the opportunity to lie.

They Have a Crush



Kids don’t want adults to know when they have a girlfriend or boyfriend interest. Kind of like fake looking away during the kissing scene when the family is watching a movie, it’s just embarrassing for them, or again, they may be scared of what you’ll say/think/do. You may create chaos in their relationship interest. If you discuss such topics openly with your child he or she may not hesitate to talk about his or her love life with you. Sometimes it’s easier to enjoy their crush when the parents don’t know about it.

That They Don’t Believe In Santa



This one can go either way, but for many kids, if they make it known that they no longer believe in Santa, there’s a fear they might stop getting so many Christmas presents! The other day I heard my daughter’s friends say “Kids who believe in Santa get way more presents than kids who don’t.”

They Are Getting Bullied



There are a lot of scary and embarrassing feelings and thoughts that can come along with getting bullied at school, during team sports, on the playground etc. Your kids might fear they’ll get bullied more, or even beaten, if the bully finds out your kid told on them.

They Didn’t Brush Their Teeth



This one’s not unlike the ‘having homework’ one and likewise  your kids response may be hooked up with the way you ask them about it. I like presuming they didn’t brush their teeth in the way I inquire about it, like just saying “Ok stinky breath, time to brush your teeth” which as a parent you probably already know is superior to “Did you brush your teeth?” which is pretty much an invitation to fib in my house.

Maybe some kids are less deceptive than others, and some are more keen to be honest than others, but anyway you look at it. Kids will have something they’d rather you don’t know – after all they’re just practicing to be more like us. Want a surefire way to know what they’re up to when you’re away? Check out Cammy Home Alarms, the all in one monitoring service