Top 10 Gifts For Pet Owners

Top 10 Gifts For Pet Owners

Are you buying a gift for a pet owner? If so, how do you find a gift which not only rocks the household but oozes a sense of thoughtfulness and love, all whilst steering clear of the generic gifts like bath soaps, aftershaves and gift cards?

We have made it slightly easier for you. We have searched the internet high and low to find you the top 10 best pet owner gifts on offer! From tech presents to creative and artistic, there is something for every pet owner right here.

Whip out your credit cards.

Ready. Steady. Go!

1) Waterproof Car Seat Hammock


It is always fun going on a road trip and taking our beloved pets with us, what is not so fun is cleaning up the mess in the car afterwards. Too many times pet owners have to spend hours cleaning dirt, drool, and hair off the back seats of their car. Not anymore with this incredible find, a waterproof car seat. Fully machine washable this enables the whole family to go out and have as much messy fun as they like with no washing worries later on.

2) Pod GPS Tracker


Never lose your pet again, with Pod, a small & light real-time GPS tracker designed to attach to any size of collar, letting you locate your pet on demand from a smart phone or computer. This is the ultimate peace of mind product for any pet owner who worries about their pet escaping the yard and not being able to find them. 

3) Pet Hammock


We always like to have our pets close to us, which makes this attachable hammock great. The pet hammock is not just for cats but is also perfect for ferrets and other small pets. Made from mesh, the fabric is able to breathe and keep the pet cool whilst having a nap, or having a good people-watching session. It can hold up to 5kg of weight and includes clips for attachment. Available in two sizes, this can provide the pet with optimum comfort.

4) Dog Treat Cookie Cutter/Homemade Dog Treat Maker


I think we can all agree that pet owners love their pets and would do anything for them. Including making their very own treats, to let them know that they are thought of and loved… and maybe also to give the owner a fun project for their Saturday Afternoons.

You can either go with the very sentimental customized, handmade dog treat cookie cutter, made from ovenproof plastic, complete with the name, very personal and looks quite classy. Or you can go for the Sunbeam Gourmet dog treat maker. Made with non-stick plates and includes recipes for the treats and a delicious pet-friendly frosting! Easy to use, and could be a fun project for the children to be involved with too!

5)  Pet Carrier Backpack


Does your friend like to travel? Do they also like to take their pets along with them? This Pet Carrier Backpack is purrfect for any occasion. Not only is this a comfy solution to travelling with pets, it is also convenient. It has a retractable handle, and wait for it…. WHEELS! A very exciting find that makes all kinds of travel super easy with a pet. With mesh windows either side for ventilation, your friend never has to travel alone again. It even has extra storage for treats or small personal items.

6) Mutt Opoly


A clever twist on the classic game of Monopoly, this is a fun game that everyone can enjoy, especially on a rainy day. Adopt your favourite dogs, buy them dog toys and trade them for big bones. Not only is it amusing, but also educational as every dog card is filled with fun facts about that breed.

7) Pet Steps


Is your friend’s pet getting old and is in need of some help getting to the comfort of their owners lap? Or do they own a small pet who is desperate to explore higher areas of the room? This is a great design made for senior and small pets. The foam steps can lead your pet to wherever you put them. This can be to the sofa, bed, or even a raised feeding station. Very lightweight making them easy to transport and move around the house.

8) Cammy Pet Camera

pet camera

We couldn’t make a top ten list without including our awesome Wi-Fi cameras that let you keep an eye on your pet from your smartphone. These cameras are easy to set up and capture all motion detection so you can see what your pet is doing at night or day. With 2-way audio you can even talk to your pet from your phone, and pan, tilt and zoom your camera for the best view.

9) The Canine Twitterer


When you own a pet, you cannot help but think, “What are they thinking?” or “What are they doing right now?” especially when you are now around. Well here you are, The Canine Twitterer. This specialised collar tag analyses your pet’s activity with its motion sensor and microphone, with this information it selects appropriate tweets from a range of 500 pre-loaded tweets. The tweets are sent to a USB device in your computer and uploaded onto Twitter.

10) Collapsible Pet Bowl


Walking the dog is part of a dog owner’s regular routine. Help them keep their pet cool and hydrated with this totally portable and collapsible bowl.

Shopping for pet owners can be a challenge, especially if you’re not one yourself. Want more ideas? Help them keep their pet safe with the Cammy DIY Home Alarm system.

Got a cool pet gift idea we missed? Please comment below.