Top 5 Fitness Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

Top 5 Fitness Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

A little coaching can go a long way to help you achieve your optimal health and fitness goals. Below is the top 5 fitness apps on the market to help you get in shape for the summer!


Lark is a personal trainer in your pocket that helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. This fitness app prompts you throughout the day by asking about your diet, exercise and sleep. A real personal trainer responds and gives tips, sets reminders and modifies your diet and fitness plan to help accelerate your progress. Check in any time you need advice on managing stress, the best food options or if you’re in need of some motivation. The interface is beautifully designed and super simple to use!

Coach is an all in one motivator for those needing an extra push to hit the gym and stay healthy. Using this app, you can create custom goals or choose from the list available. The app then sends reminders at scheduled times. The habit tracker is completely free but if you want assistance and a personal touch, $15 per month will give you access to 700 coaches standing by to talk through your problems. A dedicated career coach is also available for $249 per month who will help solve workplace problems and guide you every step of way to reaching career success.

Nike + Training Club

Nike Training Club is a dedicated training app to help guide you along your fitness journey without a price tag! You start by creating a workout and selecting your goal (get fit, get lean, get strong, get focused) and fitness level. Based on the selected criteria the app suggests workouts based on time. Once a workout is chosen, a video plays, guiding you through verbal and video instructions. You can even set your own soundtrack in the background!  Although marketed to women, the system can help anyone get in shape! For those interested in running, Nike also has a dedicated Nike + Running GPS app with customised training.


Used by more than 80 million users worldwide, the MyFitnessPal app is hands down one of the best diet, calorie and exercise trackers on the market. With over 5 million foods recorded in the database, MyFitnessPal makes meal entries a breeze! You start by inputting your health parameters and selecting your weight loss goal. From there you are greeted with a beautiful dashboard displaying your customised weight loss plan with calorie intake goals for the week. When you eat a meal, simply start typing the name and suggestions come up automatically. The foods recorded in the database have all the calorie information preset but you can choose to add your own. The best part? It’s completely free!


Although not a standalone app, the Fitbit is one of the best health trackers on the market! When paired with a compatible Fitbit device, the app can help you track steps, exercise, sleep and weight parameters. The newer models also function as a smartwatch allowing you to see calls and preview incoming messages as well as set silent alarms with subtle vibrations to the wrist. The app is used by thousands of people worldwide and offers an impressive interface for all your health tracking needs.

There has never been a better time to get in shape for summer! Let these fitness apps guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

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