Top 7 Benefits of Front Door Security Cameras

Top 7 Benefits of Front Door Security Cameras

Did you know that 45% of burglars gain entry from the front door? This makes your front door the most common entry point for burglars so it’s imperative that it’s monitored at all times.

You can do this with a front door security camera that allows for remote monitoring. This means you’ll receive an alert when someone’s at the door and you’ll be able to access a real time view of your camera straight from your smartphone or desktop app.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 benefits of front door security cameras:

1. You can deter burglars

Security cameras are proven to be powerful burglar deterrents as many burglars are opportunists. Consider mounting a front door security camera right above your door so burglars are able to see it from the street level.

2. Monitor your deliveries

Imagine receiving an alert that your limited edition shoes have been delivered…only to come home to nothing.

According to August Home, some 11 million homeowners had a package stolen in 2015 and 23 million Americans had a package stolen at some point over the last few years.

A front door security camera pointed at your porch can help you avoid package theft as you can monitor your deliveries. If it does come down to it, any footage captured can help you find out what happened, help track down your package and help reinforce your courier claim.

3. See who’s at the door


Burglar: Knock knock!

You: Who’s there?

Burglar: A salesperson…

You: Wait…you don’t look like a salesperson!

We don’t want scenarios like the above happening to you so check who’s at the door with a front door security camera.

4. Check on your kids coming home from school

If you’re at work when the kids come back from school, you can check that they’ve arrived home safe and sound with a front door security camera.

With a Cammy camera, you’ll be sent a person detected alert when someone is at your front door. From there, you can switch to Live View to watch your kids enter the house and even speak to them with 2-way audio.

5. Identify an intruder


A front door security camera placed correctly can help identify an intruder. Make sure you have one mounted on top of your front door so it’s visible from the street and one pointed directly at the door. This will ensure that you capture footage from multiple angles, including footage of the intruder’s face.

6. Check when tradespeople, cleaners and babysitters come and go


Let’s face it, we’ve all been late to work at some point or another. Some of us are honest about it, others not so much. With a front door security camera, you can monitor the arrival and departure times of tradespeople, cleaners and babysitters to ensure you only pay for the time they’ve clocked.

7. Sleep easy


If you hear a suspicious noise at night, you can check a Live View of your front door security camera on your smartphone without going outside. Sleep easy knowing the front of your property is monitored at all times.

However, make sure you have security cameras set up in other areas of your property to cover all your bases. Not sure where to place them? Read our blog post on where to place security cameras.

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