Top 11 Home Improvement Gadgets

Top 11 Home Improvement Gadgets

The difference between a house and a home is in the details. Have you ever lost your keys? Waited too long for hot water in the shower? Cleaned up stains on the couch? The list below offers unique solutions to everyday household troubles. Read on and find out how they can improve your life!

1. Temperature Control Sheets

Developed by NASA, Outlast Sheets contain tiny capsules that absorb heat when you get hot and release it when you get cold. This technology has been used for years in Army combat clothing and is now available for your own home! You can pick up yours here for around $150.

2. Remote-Control Lights

Don’t you hate it when you get under the covers only to have to get up to turn off the lights minutes later? Enter the new generation of lighting with Philips Hue lights. Not only can they be controlled from your smartphone, but they can change colours too! You can get yours today from around $200 for 3 lights here.

3. An All In One Toaster


Save space and money with this home improvement gadget! The Cuisinart CSO-300 is a steam oven, conventional oven and toaster all in one. You can make anything from toast, to a cake, to a whole chicken. All you have to do is change the setting. Get yours here for $299.

4. Toxin Absorbing Tiles


This invention could literally save your life! TOTO’s Hydrotect ceramic tiles have a  titanium-dioxide coating which dissolves pollutants and kills bacteria! Not only are they easy to clean, but they also destroy mildew which would stain normal tiles. Get yours today for approximately $2.40 per square foot.

5. No More Water Wastage


Say goodbye to wasting water with Evolve Ladybug adapter from ShowerStart technology. This small home improvement device easily installs onto your shower-head and automatically pauses the water flow until the temperature reaches 95 degrees. Not only does it help the environment, but will save you money on bills. Pick yours up today for just $30!

6. Wireless A/C control


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your air conditioner turn on in a room when you walk in and turn off when you leave? Tado Cooling has invented a wireless device which mounts onto your wall and and connects to your smartphone. Using infrared, the device controls your existing A/C system remotely, right from your phone. It also offers some impressive features and uses geofence to reduce power wastage by turning off the A/C in unoccupied rooms. Get this home improvement gadget today for $149.

7. Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion Sensor


Want to remotely control a device that doesn’t offer the functionality? The Belkin WeMo Switch lets you control anything you plug into it, using your smartphone. The system also comes with a sensor which you can program to activate when it senses motion within 10 feet! Get yours here for only $80!

8. Not Just A Vacuum


Time to throw out your Roomba and invest in a Infinuvo Hovo 510. This smart vacuum works on carpets and hardwood floors and kills bacteria with UV lights as it cleans. You can get one here for $229.

9. Stainproof Couch


The most durable couch you will ever encounter! Couch by Calico coats every fibre of their fabric with stain repellent technology, making it virtually spill-proof. No more stressing about the kids spilling drinks or Fido leaving paw prints. The best part? We hear they’re super comfortable. Get yours today for $1,999.

10. Never Lose Your Keys Again


The days of carrying keys are over with the Kwikset Kevo deadbolt. As long as you have a smartphone or a key fob you can easily unlock your door. The device even allows you to grant temporary access for houseguests. Order this gadget today for $199.

11. Burglar Proof Glass


Your windows are easily the weakest link in your home security, making them a target to burglars with crowbars. Forget your worries with Pella Windows! This home improvement solution offers a new generation of glass that can withstand as much as 34 mph of force. The product also meets Miami-Dade County hurricane standards and will easily stop a burglar as well as accidental damages from flying toys.

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