Top 5 Laptops of 2016

Top 5 Laptops of 2016

With end of financial year here, many shoppers are heading into stores and online to grab the best deals! If you’re thinking of upgrading your laptop, take a look over the best devices in 2016!

5. HP Spectre x360 (2016)

Sleek, powerful and affordable! The HP Spectre x360 offers a slim aluminium frame, sleek design, fast processor, comfortable keyboard and trackpad, full sized ports, touchscreen and great battery life!

The only downside is the glossy highly reflective screen and subpar quality of the inbuilt speaker. However, this is not a bad trade off for the starting price of $800!

4. Razer Black Stealth

This laptop is the best Windows competitor to the Macbook. Offering a slim elegant design, Core i7 processor, Chroma backlit keyboard, 4K display and a promise of future expansion via an external graphics box for gaming.

The only trouble is the fast battery consumption due to the 4K screen. The price and details of the gaming module is still to be released.

3. Apple Macbook (12 inch 2016)

One of the slimmest and most portable laptops in the world, the 12 inch Macbook has become the go to device for travellers. Great battery life, high resolution display and responsive trackpad ensures a smooth experience every time. Coupled with a user friendly OS, this a great device for those out and about.

The downsides are the shallow keyboard (due to size) and the inconvenience of the single USB – C port.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Crowned the best hybrid laptop by Cnet editors, the Surface Pro 4 has become one of the most sold laptops this year. This is not surprising consider its unique offering.

The laptop can be used with a keyboard but also turns into a smart drawing tablet with a tap of a button! This model is shipping with Intel’s latest processors, responsive touch and and huge hardware improvements since Surface Pro 3.

The device is a little pricey compared with the competition and the battery still needs to be recharged several time per day.

1. Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display (13 inch 2015)

Combining power, style and exceptional battery life, it’s no surprise the new 13 inch Macbook Pro comes in first. The model is being shipped with a new Intel CPU, faster memory, new Force Trackpad and a variety of ports for convenience.

Perfect for those seeking a user friendly OS, reliable performance and portability.

There are no serious drawbacks being reported with this laptop. Even the price point is set lower than other Macbook Pro models.

It’s easy to get lost in the end of financial year bargains but doing a little research before purchase can help guarantee your satisfaction. If you choose one of the laptops above, you won’t be disappointed with your new device!

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