Top Life Events Captured By Security Cameras

Top Life Events Captured By Security Cameras

The Internet these days is knee deep in footage of natural and unnatural disasters, from floods and fires to break-ins and other security camera moments that appeal to so many people simply due to the shock value.

But what about moments that should be memorable without the shock value, like significant life events? Surely, a security camera has recorded proposals, weddings, birthdays, graduations and other top life events; but, unless something goes wrong during those events, it’s footage that is rarely, if ever, seen or shared.

We scoured the Internet for security footage of some of life’s most memorable moments caught on camera. Naturally, the reason security videos go viral is that something unexpected happened. These are our favourites from security cam footage of life events gone.

Cheating Bride

This bride is prepared for her wedding ceremony but, as this video shows, she wasn’t prepared to be caught by security cameras, cheating with the best man just before the ceremony.

Kidnapped From Work

Being kidnapped is considered a pretty significant event in life even if it’s one we hope to never experience. This Italian restaurant owner was kidnapped just last week, and footage was caught by outdoor security cameras as he is dragged off. We aren’t sure what became of him but hope for his safe return.

Born In A Railway Station

Passers-by assisted a woman who gave birth prematurely in a China railway station waiting room. The baby was delivered and seemed to be just fine as she was taken to the local hospital after this major life event was captured by security cameras.

Born In the Hospital… Lobby

A woman was just a few meters from the delivery rooms when she gave birth on the hospital lobby floor as captured by CCTV.

Marriage Proposal At Zoo

Ok, let us lighten things up a bit. This marriage proposal is caught on security cameras on Penguin Beach at ZSL London Zoo. The ladies you hear in the recording had no idea the camera was catching their reaction too.

Portal Opens, Child Runs Out

Lastly (for now) and to lighten it up even more, we deem running out of a portal as a top life event. Security footage (cough cough) in the streets of Nepal captured a child running out of a portal in the night. Don’t take our word for it, here’s the video!

Wedding Thief

A young boy steals a handbag full of wedding jewellery and cash from a chair just a few feet from the owners. Not the reason you’d want for sharing your wedding videos!

Top events in life are usually caught and shared only with friends or family. And most of us would like to keep it that way because if, for some reason, security camera footage of those events makes it online, it’s almost surely because something went terribly wrong.