6 Top Online Dating Safety Tips

6 Top Online Dating Safety Tips

Here at Cammy we’re all about security, peace of mind and making sure you feel safe. With almost 50 million people who have tried online dating, we want to make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger as quite a few horror stories have surfaced around online dating recently.

If you’re thinking of trying online dating, instead of letting these stories discourage you, be wary and practice online dating safety, especially when you’re meeting them offline for the first time.

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Online dating is a great way to meet that special someone, in fact 17% of marriages in the last year consisted of couples who had met online. We want to make sure that when you’re out there trying to meet Mr/Mrs Right that you’re never in a situation where you feel unsafe. So here are our top online dating safety tips:

1. Don’t share your personal information

It’s important that you keep as much personal information out of your online profile as possible. Don’t share any personal information until you’ve been on a few dates and know you can trust this person. You wouldn’t give personal information out to a stranger over the telephone, so why would you do so over the Internet?

It is best to use your first name only during initial conversations and provide more detailed personal information only after you’ve met in person and gotten to know one another well.

2. Tell a friend 

Be sure to let a friend know when you’re planning to go on a date. Give them a low down of who, what, when and where you will be. It’s also a good idea to set up a time with your friend when you’ll send them a message to let them know how the date is going and whether you’re home safe. If you fail to text them at the designated time, they’ll know that something is wrong.

3. Meet in a public place

For the first date meet somewhere public like a cafe, restaurant or bar. Make sure there are other people around for your own safety. Be sure to never meet at their house or your house for safety reasons.

4. Don’t let them walk or take you home

If your online date offers to walk you or take them home, politely decline as they don’t need to know where you live yet. This may seem like a nice gesture but they may ask to come in or even force their way into your home. It’s important that you don’t let them know where you live until you know you can trust them.

5. Arrange safe transport home 

Make sure that you have safe transport home after the date. If you can drive yourself to and from the date, that would be ideal. Having your own wheels gives you control should the date go bad. Taking a taxi or an Uber home is also a good option, just make sure that you do not accept a ride home as they don’t need to know where you live yet.

6. Stay Sober

Stay sober! This may be obvious but alcohol creates bad judgement as it impairs your senses. The last thing you want to say in the morning is, “Why did I do that?”

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How did you find our top online dating safety tips? Or did we miss anything? Please leave it in the comments below