Top Tips To Prevent Mobile Phone Hacking

Top Tips To Prevent Mobile Phone Hacking

Did you know that thousands of mobile phones are hacked single every day? The number of hacked mobile phones grows while people remain oblivious to the threat.

Take the steps below to secure your personal information and prevent your mobile phone being hacked!


Download an antivirus

There are many free and paid alternatives available to prevent mobile phone hacking. Installing an antivirus will help prevent remote attacks and backdoor software downloads. Many also stop malware and warn of potential phishing attacks. Some of the best include 360 security for Android and Avira for iPhone.

Keep your operating system, apps and software up to date

Companies release updates for their products to improve performance and help secure your mobile phone from known hacks and threats. By keeping your system up to date, you’re staying one step ahead of the mobile phone hackers and preventing them from exploiting the weaknesses.

Only download apps from trusted sources

Downloading apps and software from trusted sources will ensure the software is checked by an expert before it’s released for the public to download. This may mean you will need to spend 99 cents on an app you could otherwise get for free but at least you know no malware will be included.


Never jailbreak your phone

Jailbreaking a phone is altering how the system operates. This may allow you to download some free content which would otherwise be restricted but also removes the security levels in place to protect it, making your mobile phone vulnerable to hackers. Stay away from jailbreaking unless you’re experienced with the types of threats available and how to prevent them yourself.

Use kid modes

Child mode can restrict access to the internet and blocks any downloads/purchases while keeping your phone secure. If you’re worried about unauthorised downloads and viruses, child mode was created to prevent this.

Download a vault

Adding a vault app can help secure your personal information if you need to keep it on your phone. These apps use additional encryption and levels of security which often proves too difficult for mobile phone hackers to crack. Better yet, keep sensitive files off your phone where possible.


Watch for suspicious links

When visiting a website, always check the url in the top. Many phishing sites impersonate official companies to gain users information. If you receive an email from Facebook or your bank, ensure that the link they provide actually leads to the correct website. If you receive an email from a suspicious source, it’s always better to simply delete it!

Taking a few of the safety measures above can help prevent your mobile phone being hacked. The scariest part of hacking is many victims are not aware until it’s too late.