Top 6 Wearable Safety Devices

Top 6 Wearable Safety Devices

Forget prehistoric caveman clubs, pepper spray and stun guns. Make way for the new wave of smart wearable safety devices that make personal safety a whole lot easier!

These devices are not only discreet but offer protection with the touch of the button. With a smart wearable safety device, you can get help fast and even capture evidence that can be used to prosecute an attacker.

Safeguard yourself with these top 6 wearable safety devices:

1. React Mobile Sidekick


With the React Mobile Sidekick panic button, you’ll never have to walk home alone. This Bluetooth panic button and personal safety app allows you to get help fast when you need it with just one click. Simply press the button and the contact of your choice will be alerted that you need help and will be sent your GPS location. The React Mobile Sidekick can easily be attached to keychains, backpacks and purses.

2. Nimb


Nimb is a wearable safety device in the form of a sleek and subtle ring. Nimb tracks your location and can send an alert to friends, family members and emergency services if you’re in danger. Once the distress button is pressed, Nimb communicates with your smartphone to send distress signals to the contacts of your choice. There’s even a hidden recording feature to capture audio – this can be a useful source of evidence should anything serious occur.

3. Safer

Safer smart necklace

Safer is a subtle smart necklace from Leaf Wearables that looks like a regular piece of jewellery. The necklace connects to your phone over Bluetooth and sends SOS alerts with your whereabouts to friends and family if tapped twice. There’s also a 90dB buzzer that acts as an alarm to alert those nearby that you’re in danger. When you’re travelling, you can also use the necklace to share your location with your chosen contact.

4. Mangos


The Mangos smart ring is similar to the Nimb ring and works as a panic button. With this wearable safety device you can press the button to send a customised SOS message via text to friends or family with your location, allowing them to respond or to dial for help quickly.

5. Allen Band

Allen Band

If you have elderly loved ones, consider the Allen Band. The Allen Band is a slim, stylish band designed to monitor a senior’s heart rate, body temperature and mobility. It sends automated alerts to family members if something is wrong or the wearer needs help. When a loved one falls or is inactive for an extended period of time, the band will ask the senior user if they are OK. If the SOS button is pressed, an alert is sent to the seniors’ caregivers to let them know what happened and that help is needed. Read more on how to care for the elderly using assistive technology.

6. Revolar


From a distance, Revolar looks almost like a small garage clicker. But this wearable safety device easily clips onto keychains, backpacks and purses. When pressed twice, Revolar sends a ‘yellow alert’ to designated contacts; they receive a text message with the user’s location and a message saying the user feels unsafe. A triple-press sends a ‘red alert’ which indicates the user is in need of serious help.

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