TP-Link TL-SC3130G

TP-Link TL-SC3130G


The TP-Link TL-SC3130G is one of the more economic choice that provides audio as you perform local live streaming. This camera is designed for indoor use while having wifi capabilities.

While most camera’s that could listen to it’s surroundings as you perform local live view are packaged into a higher end cameras, the SC-3130G allows to user to experience this ability without breaking the budget. Although the images aren’t HD, they images are generally quite clear with good colours.

On the downside, the SC-3130G does not have the ability of night vision, rendering it working only during the day or at areas where there will be light. It may also be a bit expansive if the live view

A fine camera if you would like to use live view locally with Cammy to not only view, but also listen to, without breaking the budget.

Price Range



  • Easy Setup with Cammy
  • Lowest cost stream-with-audio camera
  • Works with Cammy Home Alarm


  • Only usable indoors
  • No night vision

Our verdict

A good option if you wish to eavesdrop through the camera over local live stream without breaking the budget.


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