5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

The idea of the smart home might have been envisioned and pioneered by Bill Gates, but nowadays, you don’t have to be Bill Gates to make your home smarter!

The term smart home describes a home that is equipped with special technology to enable its occupiers to operate an array of automated home electronic devices remotely by entering simple commands.

For example,  if you were to go on holiday, you could use a smartphone to arm your security system, control the temperature, switch appliances on and off, control the lighting, program your entertainment system, and much more.

Here are five ways to turn your home into a smart home:

Smart Locks



When considering a smart lock, there are two main options, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. The WiFi versions offer more features, such as notifying you if the locks are open or closed remotely. Some can even integrate with other devices such as a thermostat so that it can automatically adjust settings when you are not at home. This technology is still in it’s infancy so try to pick a smart lock (no pun intended) that has a key as backup such as Kevo.

Smart Thermostat



Smart thermostats are gaining popularity as most people want an energy-saving smart home. You can set your air conditioning and heating remotely and save drastically on those electricity bills. While some people only want a simple on/off feature, people with household pets might want something more sophisticated.



If you want to take your smart home to the next level, consider Ecovent smart cooling and heating. Ecovent replaces your current vents with high tech, controllable and customisable smart vents. Hot and cool air can be routed to rooms at the touch of a finger, empty rooms can be cut off, saving money and house temperature can be monitored and controlled easily through a mobile app.

Smart Lighting



Smart lighting is another energy saver but also a great security measure. Timed lighting has been around for years, but what about when you expected to be home earlier and now the home stands empty at night while you finish off that report (or beer)? Smart lighting enables you to make it appear that someone is home from wherever you are.



Another smart home lighting innovation is the Misfit Bolt, a relatively low cost, bluetooth enabled lightbulb. That’s right, a lightbulb you can control from your mobile device.

This thing can also play radio and project a rainbow of colours to suit your style or mood. It can also be set to run through cycles depending on what you want, like relaxation, a simulated sunrise, or nightclub mode (party time!).

Smart Kitchens



There are a lot of other fun smart products, from beer brewing devices, to interactive kitchen counters that give you cooking advice. They may not be the essentials, but they can certainly make life easier, and more fun.

Smart Wifi Cameras


Now that you’ve filled your house with smart home gadgetry, how do you protect all your stuff?

This is where Cammy can help you. Cammy is a camera-based alarm system that integrates seamlessly with your smartphone and WiFi, like the rest of the smart home.

With Cammy you can see what’s happening at home when you’re not there for total peace of mind. From checking on your pet, to making sure the kids got home from school ok, to detecting a burglar, there are many use cases!

You can also quickly switch to live view to keep a watchful eye on your castle in real time and have the evidence to show the police if something happens. As a part of the smart home mix, Cammy is a staple.


Smart homes and appliances are the future. Big tech companies are investing in a whole suite of new and exciting ways to make your home do exactly what you want it to. In this post we looked at:

  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Kitchens
  • Smart Wifi Cameras

You may not need all of these, in fact, be wary of products that claim they do it all. If controlling your thermostat is your main priority then choose a product that focuses exclusively on that. Happy shopping!

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