Top 3 Virtual Credit Cards To Protect Your Identity And Help You Shop Overseas

Top 3 Virtual Credit Cards To Protect Your Identity And Help You Shop Overseas

End of financial year is the perfect time to snap up some bargains! But what if you’re shopping from overseas and they don’t accept your card?

You go through the effort of selecting your items, entering your address and details only to discover your country’s card is not accepted. Many companies are guilty of offering international shipping without processing international cards.

Not only can a virtual card allow you to shop at these retailers, they protect your identity as well!

The list below will put an end to your struggles. Verified, safe and easy, never be declined at checkout again.

3. EcoPayz Virtual Card


A two in one system offering protection, convenience and a unique approach to payments. This virtual card can be created instantly and as soon as you make a successful purchase, the card is automatically cancelled to protect you from fraud and identity theft. If you want to continue shopping, simply create a new card!

The basic package comes free but you get limited transactions and active cards. For those who want to use a subscription service, the premium account will provide access to an “EcoCard payment” card which remains active.

The card also accepts different currencies including Euro, GBP and USD. It is accepted anywhere where Mastercard payments are taken, which means most online retailers.

2. EntroPay


A popular, well known alternative, the Entropay card is extremely easy to set up! Within minutes of creating an account, a user can generate an online card. Minimal information is required on sign up and loading the card from any bank account is simple.

The card is accepted at any online retailer that accepts Visa payments making it easy and convenient to shop. For an extra fee, you can even request a physical card with a chip and pin, however, this service is only available in some countries/regions.

I tried this one personally and was able to purchase several items from US stores. Some platforms even advertise Entropay specifically as a payment option.

The one drawback I found, is that the card won’t work with retailers that check cards against your billing address. This includes iTunes!

1. US Unlocked


By far the most popular virtual card service and with good reason! The setup is a little more involved than the options above but has also proven to be more reliable. The card requires a US shipping address on signup which can be obtained from one of their partners including MyUS, ReShip and Opas (they also offer mail forwarding services if you require).

Then a card payment is required for a one time application fee. Once this is processed and your credentials are approved (2-4 business days), you can load the card with funds and start shopping!

The works like any credit card and allows recurring payments so it can be used for your Netflix, Spotify and Hulu Plus subscriptions.

Keep in mind however, that you will likely need a reliable VPN services such as PIA since you are masking your location as a US user.

Payment from this card is accepted virtually anywhere! The best part is since your card is registered to a US address, you can bypass even the strictest websites (yes that includes iTunes)!

For better online protection and an easier checkout experience, it’s worthwhile investing in one of these virtual card services. There are a lot of scams offering this same service, but the ones above have been verified as safe.

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