Vstarcam T6835

Vstarcam T6835


The Vstarcam T6835 is overall a cost effective, lower cost camera. It features the ability to pan & tilt, night vision, and wireless connectivity.

The overall camera’s appearance, unlike its pan & tilt peers, looks quite aesthetic, with it’s glossy and curved body, it fits in well with a modern house hold. The camera does as it says, while having fairly positive image quality.

Although visually quite pleasing, the body of the camera is fairly big compared to other cameras of similar style, so it may not fit in all places. This may also make things difficult if your goal is to have your camera slightly hidden.

Overall a functional camera with decent quality, visually very pleasing, a great purchase for modern homes.

Price Range



  • Easy Setup with Cammy
  • Has Night vision
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Easy to mount
  • Works with Cammy Home Alarm


  • Discolouration and “cloudy” images
  • Not HD (640 * 480)

Our verdict

The Vstarcam T6835 is functional and economical, it’s visually aesthetic, but slightly large in size.