Vulnerabilities in home surveillance

Vulnerabilities in home surveillance

25 percent of burglars reported cutting telephone or alarm wires before they broke into homes, in an effort to foil alarm systems. 

It’s important to be aware of the vulnerabilities of an alarm system and potential barriers that might affect the reliability of it. Although these barriers are not ideal, there are things to look for in a security system that can eliminate these issues to give you peace of mind. Let’s look at some of the ones you might run into with a home security system:

1. Someone tampers with your security camera

What do you do if your security camera breaks or is stolen? Would you lose all the footage from the incident? Cammy is able to detect motion and will record events in real time and store it in the cloud for future reference. You will have the footage available to you on your smartphone, where you could easily report it and see exactly who did it.×200.jpg?x64838

2. Batteries dying

What do you do if halfway through the day your alarm system turns off because the batteries have died? Having a reliable plug-in security camera guarantees that your camera will be up and running no matter where you are. It ensures your cameras are fully charged to last through the day or while you’re on vacation.

3. False alarms

What do you do when a motion is detected and you have been alerted by your security company, followed by the cops showing up at your home? Some alarm systems come with motion detection to give you alerts when something is detected. These alarms will usually go off with any motion. A tree blowing in the wind, a spider web or a shadow. Now you’re charged with a fine for having the police show up. Cammy home security has smart motion detection. This means you will only get an alarm if a person is detected. You can then take action straight from your smartphone.×313.jpg

4. Forgetting to set the alarm

You’re halfway to your destination or hopping on a flight and you realize you forgot to set the alarm. If this seems to happen to you or your family members a lot, there is a solution for that. Imagine having an app on your phone that can easily set your alarm for you, or even better, the moment you left your house your geofencing turned on and your alarm had been set the entire time. Cammy has auto arm/disarm capability giving you the control. You will never have to worry who set the alarm.

87% of burglaries are considered preventable and having a home security system in place will give you the upper hand. Understanding the vulnerabilities of home surveillance and what to look for in a home security is the first step to overcoming the barriers.

To get started with a home security system that gives you all the features to overcome any situation visit Cammy and protect your home today!