What Cammy Has That Other IP Cameras Don’t

What Cammy Has That Other IP Cameras Don’t

They say hardware is useless without good software. This is especially true when it comes to IP cameras. Sure, you can buy any old IP camera from Amazon or eBay but it’s the software behind the camera that determines your experience.

The right software saves you time, alleviates stress, and provides ongoing product developments that you simply don’t get when you buy IP cameras from your local appliance shop.

Let’s look at what Cammy has that other IP cameras don’t.

Other IP Cameras Cammy Cameras
Difficult to set up
You will need a computer, a WiFi router and power to set up. You’ll find a long list of boring instructions to follow in the packaging. Trust us, this is not fun.
Easy to set up
All you need is a WiFi router and access to power. Then simply follow the prompts in the app and you’re done in minutes. Easy.
No alerts
Most IP cameras capture motion events, but you need to constantly review these events for anything important you may have missed. Great if you don’t have a life to live.
Cammy captures all motion events but only sends you an alert when your camera captures a person. Enjoy your day knowing that Cammy will alert you of an important event.
Alerts for everything
If your IP camera does send alerts, you’ll wish it didn’t. You will get alerts for any movement. This includes pets, insects and light changes.
Person alerts only
With Cammy you’re only alerted if a person is detected on camera. We guarantee no false alarms from pets, insects or light changes.
No auto arm / disarm alarm
This is not a function other IP cameras have.
Auto arm / disarm alarm
Set a location to have your alarm automatically arm when you leave home with your phone and disarm when you return. This means you will only get alerts when you’re away from home.
No scheduling
This is not a function other IP cameras have.
Alarm scheduling 
Set times for when you want your alarm on/off even if you’re at home such as during the night.
Live view only
Some IP cameras offer a live view only. This requires constantly checking in to see what’s happening meaning you’ll miss key events.
Live view + record of events
With Cammy, you can live view plus look back at a timeline of events.
Local storage
Some IP cameras store all footage on an SD card inside your camera. Your footage will be stolen if a burglar steals your camera.
Cloud storage
Cammy’s secure cloud storage means your footage is safe even if your camera is stolen. 30 days cloud storage is included with every Cammy subscription and you can export events you want to keep.
Hard to use app
IP camera manufactures focus on hardware first, software second (if they do software at all). The result is a clunky, badly designed app that will make you want to throw your phone out the window.
Easy to use app
Once you experience the Cammy app, you’ll never want to use another camera monitoring app again. With a team of world class designers, expect an amazing experience.
Easy to hack
Most IP cameras come with software that is pre-loaded to make remote viewing possible. When the software is loaded by the camera manufacturers, each camera is given the same default username and password. Now you know how IP cameras are hacked.
Security you can trust
With Cammy, footage is safely secured in the cloud and password protected. We encrypt passwords so only you can decrypt and share your password and only on the handsets with the required credentials. We take security very seriously.
Hard to share your footage
Other IP cameras require you to transfer footage from the system’s local storage to your computer. Then upload online etc. There are more steps than the great wall of China.
Easy to share your footage
You can share an event via email, text message or social media with 3 easy taps within the Cammy app. It’s so easy you’ll be sharing all your pets funny moments.
No desktop app 
Nothing, nada, no, doesn’t exist.
Desktop app 
The Cammy desktop app means you’re only a click away to accessing your camera footage while at work.
Sharing cameras is hard
If you want to share your cameras with other house members, you would have to share your password and personal details.
Sharing cameras is easy
Sharing a camera is easy in the Cammy app. Super easy.
No customer support
If you purchase an IP camera on eBay or Amazon, you’re on your own if you have any issues.
Amazing customer support
You’re part of the Cammy community and can access a dedicated customer support team when you need help. We’re here to serve you.

There’s a good reason why people all over the world choose Cammy and are happy to pay a month to month subscription. When you choose Cammy you’re choosing amazing software and a great service, not just a camera.

When you buy an IP camera outright, it’s a one time purchase and if something better comes along (and it will) you need to make another purchase and then keep upgrading. No one thinks of these costs when judging between a one time purchase and a subscription.

A subscription delivers a never-ending stream of updates and new features. It’s not a one time event, it’s an ongoing relationship. That’s what Cammy has that other IP cameras don’t.

If you want to see how Cammy has helped our customers, check out our success stories such as this one – how a Cammy customer caught a burglar in their sleep.

Got a question, need more information? Please contact us at team@cammy.com

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