What to do if your package is lost or stolen

What to do if your package is lost or stolen

Day in day out, you wait in anticipation for that limited edition Star Wars lego set, those new shoes, that adorable pet onesie…but alas, nothing.

You check the tracking on the courier website, only to find out the package has been marked “delivered”…

Distraught, you mourn the $521 you spent on all three items…

Fear not, here’s what you can do to find out what happened, track down the thief and potentially recover your lost or stolen package:

Check your security camera footage

If you have a front door or outdoor security camera, the first thing you can do is check your video footage. Look out for whether the courier delivered your package and what happened to it afterwards. There have been some cases where couriers have falsely marked packages as ‘delivered’ and it’s not uncommon for burglars to steal packages right off your front porch.

This video footage can help your case if you dispute the delivery with your courier or if you spot a theft, be sure to report it to the Police immediately. From there, they can help track down the thief and potentially recover your lost or stolen package.

Ask your neighbours



Howdy neighbourino!

Sometimes mail and packages get delivered to the wrong address. Make sure you ask your neighbours whether they’ve received any of your mail or seen any strangers loitering around the area before filing a Police report. There’s a chance that they’ve seen someone suspicious at your front door that you weren’t expecting!

Let the Police know



If you suspect that your package has been stolen, file a local Police report so they can help get to the bottom of it and potentially recover your stolen package. If you have security camera footage to back up your claim, Police will be more likely to investigate further.

Report it to your courier company



Different courier companies have different ways of handling lost or stolen packages. Some are better than others and have a no questions asked policy while others have lengthier processes. Regardless, be ready to submit any security camera footage, proof of packaging, insurance, value and tracking number along with your claim.

To help you speed up the process, here are some links to report lost or stolen packages:

Contact the seller

Online Retailers


Don’t give up hope yet, there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel!

You can contact the seller or ‘shipper’ and have them file a lost or stolen package claim for you. As a regular customer, the courier company may respond faster or investigate deeper into the issue. Some sellers may even reimburse you for your lost or stolen package to maintain their reputation!

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