What is a Wireless Security System?

What is a Wireless Security System?

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard someone talking about a wireless security system at some point and, unless you are particularly into that kind of thing, chosen to ignore it. Perhaps you figured you didn’t really need one, or you wrote it off as scaremongering.

Why would you want a home full of cameras? What could you possibly have that needed that level of protection? It’s just your home, after all.

And that’s it. It’s your home – the place where you come to rest and relax, entertain friends, raise children (of either the two or feathery/four-legged kind), and where you feel safe. You look after it, maintain it and fill it with your treasures. You feel safe there because you keep it safe.

It stands to reason that you want to make sure nothing happens to it or what’s inside. And we want to help you do just that. A wireless home security system will ensure you can keep an eye on what is probably your most expensive possession, unobtrusively, from anywhere.

What is a wireless security system?

Put simply, it’s a set-up utilizing cameras and the internet to allow you to monitor your home both while you’re not in it, and while you’re there. Cameras detect motion and alert the owner via their cell phone, so they always know what’s happening at home.

How Does a Wireless Security System Work?

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Depending on your requirements, you can design a security system set-up to your exact specifications. Once the camera is triggered by a specific motion activated event, the system will send to you, via your cell phone, only what you want to see on the cameras.

For example, you can set up an ‘event’ that alerts you when your children arrive home from school. The system uses a combination of motion activation and face detection technologies to achieve this.

The cameras are located at strategic spots through, and outside, your home or business – spots you choose. Use our guide to identify the best locations to place your security cameras, if you’re unsure.

The footage that is captured, picks up motion from a person, and stores it in the cloud for 30 days. No more searching through hours of video looking for the exact moment you need, and no more alerting you to simply a bird flying past your windows.

What Does a Wireless Security Camera Capture?



However, a wireless security system won’t only capture moments of illegal activity (such as a potential intruder), it will give you peace of mind ensuring that you are made aware of the following:

  • Know the time your children are home from school (even tell them to do their homework via the built-in microphone).
  • Keep an eye on your four legged friends or other pet kind.

A great system will also give you some more advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Turn on your home’s alarm from work – or anywhere in the world, for that matter
  • Set up auto arm and auto disarm – the alarm will turn on when you leave and off when you are home again.


With a simple phone call, we can have your home or business fitted out with a wireless security system that reports directly to your cell. If you own an Apple watch, you can use it to receive alerts and monitor the cameras. We’ll help you protect where you feel safest, and what’s most valuable to you – your home and business.

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