When Nightmares Turn Into Reality

When Nightmares Turn Into Reality

Imagine it’s 1:30am in the morning and you’re fast asleep in bed when suddenly you awake to find an intruder in your bedroom. It’s arguably everyone’s worst nightmare.

Well, that was the horrible scenario facing my parents one night last week.

The intruder – who was armed with a screwdriver and wearing a large black hoodie – made his way to the master bedroom and turned on the light. That’s when my parents woke up.

It only took a few seconds for the intruder to grab three bags, and he was gone. However, the frightening image that confronted my parents that night, is something that will never go away.

It wasn’t long before my parents realised that one of the bags the intruder took contained both the keys to the house, and the car. It’s now 2:30am and the Police have come and gone but the nightmare remains. How does one go back to sleep after such a terrifying experience? Especially when a criminal has access to your home and car? What if they come back?

Enter Cammy

My parents have two Cammy security cameras set up at home, neither of which captured the intruder due to their position. If just one of the cameras was positioned at the front of the home, my parents would have got an alert that someone was lurking outside and the burglary could have been prevented.

However, by repositioning the cameras following the break in, my parents were able to monitor their garage and the hallway to their bedroom. With both cameras on night watch, my parents were able to sleep easy, knowing that if the intruder did return, Cammy would send an alert to their phones.

I can’t stress enough the peace of mind this gave my parents who have since set up another camera to better monitor the perimeter of their property.

Not surprisingly, my parents’ traditional security system did nothing to prevent the burglary nor has it made them feel any safer in their home since. If it wasn’t for Cammy, there would be a lot of restless nights. I just wish the intruder was captured on camera, as do the Police, who acknowledged that without video evidence, catching and convicting the intruder was practically impossible.

My parents were not prepared for the emotional trauma nor the financial costs of being broken into (replacing the house and car keys cost $700 alone). That’s why they wanted me to share their story, in the hope that others don’t have to go through what they did.

Your home is a place where you deserve to relax. You should never have to worry whether your home, it’s contents and your loved ones are safe. If there is a noise outside at night, you should be able to see what’s going on without going outside to investigate. If someone is lurking around the home, you should be alerted. Now my parents are better set up to do this and if the intruder does return, Cammy will be watching.

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