Where In The UK Are You Most Likely To Be Burgled?

Where In The UK Are You Most Likely To Be Burgled?

It’s a frightening and sobering thought that in each minute it takes you to read this, a house is burgled. That’s right, nearly every minute in the UK there is a home burglary.

A report released earlier this year by MoneySuperMarket -a website providing insurance quotes- shows which areas in the UK are most likely to be burgled. When people request a quote, they have to provide details of any burglary claims they’ve made in the past two years so it can be seen where the most and fewest claims have been made.

Based on these claims, it is revealed that postcodes towards the east of Greater London predominate, along with other urban and suburban areas, while rural areas tend to fare much better. Analysis of the claims shows that 14 of the top 20 postcodes in London and Greater London.

At the top of the list is Dagenham, a large suburb about 15.2km east of London. The RM8 postcode in the East London suburb had the highest rate of burglary insurance claims in the country last year seeing 55 claims per 1,000 home insurance quotes. Nearby Gants Hill was a close second with a house break-in rate of 54.9 per 1,000 quotes.

Manchester suburb Chorley-cum-Hardy was first last year and slipped to third with Intake and Wheatley in South Yorkshire fourth. Only 3 of the 20 areas listed have house prices lower than the average, so it appears burglars are going for a big catch rather than an easy hit that may not offer as many valuables.

Middlesbrough, Canterbury, Kent and Bognor Regis, West Sussex were amongst the safest places with the least break-ins.

Burglary is very scary, and the impact on victims is different for everyone. Some handle it by leaving the lights on at night and one study reveals that about 1 in 8 people were totally unable to block the incident from their minds. More than 30 percent of victims said the burglary had made them more vigilant about keeping valuables hidden and improving their homes safety.

“Victims tell us that they suffer far more than material loss when their home is burgled. The psychological impact of this crime can be drastic, long lasting and different for everyone.” said Mark Castle, Chief Executive of Victim Support.

Police.uk crime prevention suggests many steps that you can take to decrease the chances that your home is burgled. Among them, making sure you have good outside lighting and installing a visual burglar alarm. The best way to avoid the emotional turmoil and financial distress associated with a burglary is to make your property as secure as possible.