Why Dogs Don’t Make Good Security Guards

Why Dogs Don’t Make Good Security Guards

All around the world, dogs have long been used as a way for us to protect ourselves and our property. In fact, many experts believe that the original ancestors of the modern-day dog were first domesticated between 11,000 and 16,000 years ago in order to protect hunters while they rested and to help ward off other predators while out on the hunt.

Given the long-standing tradition of dogs acting as security guards, it’s no surprise that many people still use them for that purpose today. But now, given the huge technological advances we’ve made in recent years, are dogs really still the best way for us to safeguard our loves ones and belongings?


Is It Worth the Risk?

When you’re family dog is the first line of defence between you and an intruder, you’re inherently putting it in harm’s way. You wouldn’t ask your children or significant other to go face-to-face with a potentially dangerous criminal, so why would you consider risking the safety of your four-legged family member?

Dog Ownership Is Costly

Dogs are great for providing companionship, but they don’t make financial sense as security guards. If one of the primary reasons you have a dog is to offer protection, then you’re throwing money away out of every paycheck. From food costs to vet bills, caring for a dog is expensive – much more than the cost of an alarm system.

Guard Dogs Bark… A Lot

One of a guard dog’s main functions is to alert us to danger – by barking. Not only will their bark provide warning of a burglar, but an intimidating growl is often enough to scare away even the toughest criminals. This may not be a problem when there’s an actual emergency, but you’ll quickly grow tired of your dog barking at everything that moves near your home, including squirrels, birds, or your neighbours.

Accidents Do Happen

Training your dog to attack intruders comes along with a huge risk of its own. Just as with barking, this is a desirable trait when you’re in danger – but what about false alarms? If your dog gets startled or otherwise misinterprets a situation, someone could get bit. It could be you, a family member, or just a friend stopping by.

Even just a decade or two ago, dogs made pretty practical security guards – despite all of these dangers and shortcomings. Thanks to recent innovations, however, this is no longer the case. Today, there are various DIY security systems just like ours.