How Wireless Security Cameras Deter And Help Catch Burglars

How Wireless Security Cameras Deter And Help Catch Burglars

Did you know that 1/3 residential assaults occur as the result of a burglary? Or that 60% of all burglary victims struggle to deal with the emotional damage that comes from having their privacy violated in such an extreme and personal manner.

That’s why it pays to have home security and there is no better security than wireless security cameras. Let’s look at how wireless security cameras are deterring and catching burglars.

How To Deter Burglars from Targeting Your Home

According to research-driven burglar statistics, we know that 41% of criminals choose their target in the “spur of the moment”. Because criminals are opportunists who look for easy targets, it makes sense to present your home as high risk target.

You can do this with a home security system, even better if you have wireless cameras on display. There are plenty of great wireless outdoor cameras on the market that will scare a burglar away.

That stats back this up. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into so it’s pretty easy to see how having wireless security cameras visibly installed around your residence can be a powerful way to deter burglars.


How To Avoid Coming Home During a Burglary

Although properly installed wireless security cameras will greatly lower your chances of encountering a break-in, they can’t always prevent it from occurring – especially when dealing with an inexperienced and unobservant burglar. What they can do, however, is prevent you from coming home (and putting yourself or your family at serious risk) in the middle of a theft.

When setting up your wireless security system, make sure to use cameras that include motion sensor technology.

In years past, expensive professionally-installed systems came with separate motion sensors. Today, most modern wireless cameras can be combined with current monitoring and recording platforms to pick up on motion without the need for additional equipment.

Whether you’re monitoring your own cameras via smartphone or other wireless device, or you have a professional security service keeping an eye on your home around-the-clock, your wireless security cameras and help ensure that you never unexpectedly come to a very dangerous situation.

How To Help Catch Criminals and Avoid Repeat Break-Ins

burglar caught

Capturing footage of a break in helps the police and community identify the perpetrator.

Why is this important?

Burglars seek out the easiest opportunities, and that can often bring them back to the same residences time-after-time. Statistics show that 20% of burglarized homes – one out of every five – are targeted more than once.

Even if you’ve taken the steps needed to feel safe in your home after a burglary, it’s hard to avoid the uneasy feeling of knowing that the random stranger who broke into your home is still out there somewhere.

Having wireless security cameras set up in your home can help catch the perpetrator and provide the peace-of-mind needed to get back to your regular life.

With our Home Alarm app, you can capture the feed from your wireless security cameras directly to the cloud. That means having a secure, off-site backup of any criminal activity – a valuable resource in helping the police catch the burglars that were responsible.


Wireless security cameras serve a greater purpose than simply monitoring your property. They also help deter burglars (especially if placed outdoors) and they capture the footage needed to help police bring a criminal to justice.

And unlike professionally installed security camera systems which cost thousands of dollars, wireless security cameras are affordable and easy to setup yourself.