Top 10 Worst Places to Hide Valuables

Top 10 Worst Places to Hide Valuables

Hiding cash and valuables at home can be risky business. You try to pick a spot that is easy access that no one else will think to look. Maybe you live with roommates and worry about someone going through your things. Or you are worried about burglars targeting your house. Whatever your reasons, try to avoid these 10 obvious places.

10. Child’s room


You might think hiding valuables in your child’s room is safe and perhaps, at some point it was. These days, a child’s room holds more potential value than one of an adult. Flat screen TV’s, video game consoles and high tech computers are easy to re-sell on the black market. Adding your jewellery and cash to the mix may not be the best idea.

9. Kitchen


Movies have popularised all sorts of hiding places, kitchen counters and cabinets amongst the most popular. Despite it being time consuming to search through the whole kitchen, there are virtually no obstacles in the way. If you want to avoid obvious places, skip the kitchen altogether.

8. Purse/Handbag


Women who own several handbags have been known to hide cash and valuables in one of their unused treasures. There are several problems with this, the first being that thieves will look into a handbag hoping to find a wallet. Second, handbags have re-sale values of their own, especially name brands like Gucci and Prada. Lastly, they are possibly the easiest thing to carry and thieves could simply take one and use it to carry small items out of the house. Imagine the burglar’s surprise when they find cash and jewellery in addition to all the things they stole.

7. Dirty Laundry


Although a good idea, grossing out thieves hardly ever works. They are willing to dig through your trash, your old food and through the dirt in your backyard. Your smelly socks won’t bother them as much as you might imagine. Laundry baskets are usually located in a fairly accessible place and take less than 5 seconds to tip over and search through.

6. Drawers


Drawers seem like a good place to hide money and valuables, especially if you have stashed it in between some other items. Here is the flaw in this logic. Everyone uses drawers to store stuff and everyone else knows it. It’s a very logical place to look when searching for valuables. Also, most are very easy to remove, tip the contents on the floor and rummage through the pile.

5. Toilet tank


Whoever thought of hiding things is a toilet tank was a genius. It’s subtle which makes it an unlikely target. The problem here is it has been featured in movies so many times it has become one of the most common places people hide cash and drugs. I’m sure most of you could remember at least one movie where¬†this has been done. If you can, thieves can too.

4. Burying in backyard


This may not be the most obvious place for a thief to look when they are rummaging through your house but it has its own problems. If you bury something next to “that flower pot”, chances are it will be moved and you will dig up your whole backyard before you find what you’ve hidden, if you find it that is. If you mark the place you buried something, a thief may find the marking and decide to check it. It’s easier than getting into your house. They could rob you without ever opening your front door.

3. Freezer


Despite popular belief, the expression “cold hard cash” didn’t come from hiding money in the freezer, but it might as well have. The freezer is one of the most common places people hide valuables and one of the most commonly portrayed money scenes in Hollywood. Although it will keep your cash cold, it won’t protect it from thieves.

2. Under the bed


As a kid you may remember hiding things under the bed you didn’t want anyone to find. I can assure you of two things, one is that your mother knew about that hiding place, and two, so do thieves.

1. Sock/underwear drawer

This has to be the worst place to stash valuables. If you can’t deter thieves with dirty laundry, clean laundry certainly won’t do the trick. The logic behind it makes sense, worn socks and underwear are not valuable for re-sale, they are private and no-one wants to touch someone else’s undergarments. The sad truth is thieves aren’t nice or honest and won’t think twice to invade your privacy.